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The Hotel Lobby is preparing for our 2nd year as a Burning Man camp that had its grand opening in Black Rock City in 2022. The HL is the spiritual successor of The Hammock Hangout, which raised its last parachute in 2019. We are a 75-person camp that provides a wide variety of interactive experiences for our guests based on our core value of Hospitality.

With 5 lavish chandeliers, a lux hotel bar, a helpful bellhop service, a mind-blowing concierge desk, and a buzzing karaoke lounge, our guests are treated to 5-star service and a dusty bev in a welcoming and weird hotel lobby.

“Where are the hotel rooms?” you ask.

(It’s just a Lobby.)



We love to host. With our Bellhop service, we delight in being one of the first on-playa faces that the way-too-clean Burners encounter when they first touch down on the strange world of Black Rock City - from the Burner express bus stop.

Illusion Over Reality

Reality is boring. We tried it. It wasn’t for us. We strive to keep in character as hotel staff, creating an immersive experience for our guests and campers.

Radical Inclusion

No matter what life story brought you to the playa, we make everyone feel welcome and delighted. We love to host and find joy in serving others.

Communal Effort & Participation

Our camp values cooperation and collaboration. Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play. All campers are expected to take part on a team that contributes to the camp's success.

Radical Expression

We delight in watching showboats strut their stuff and encourage wallflowers to come out of their shells. Watching a shy person absolutely crush a karaoke song makes you feel like you've witnessed a spiritual rebirth.


The Hotel Lobby welcomes Black Rock City citizens to be our guests. 🛎️

Burner Express Bus Stop & Bellhop Service

We asked to be placed at the Burner Express Bus Stop. We will build an actual bus stop shelter that will have a bench to sit at, shade cover during the day, and lighting at night. BxB has designated stops in Black Rock City, but riders are responsible for making it the rest of the way to their campsite from these stops. Many people make more than one trip to bring all of their belongings to their camp. Additionally, new Burners are navigating BRC for the first time and often have trouble locating their camp. This is where we come in! When Burners get off the BxB, our campmates will use one of our many wheelbarrows to take their luggage (and emotional baggage) from the BxB Bus Stop to their camp.

Karaoke Lounge

Whether they are neighbors, wanderers, or regulars, we invite all singers and crooners to express themselves by singing a song with us. We guarantee applause for all singers and encourage our audience also to be engaged as backup vocals or air guitarists. We provide liquid courage for those in need. We'll have different themes throughout the week (e.g., Prince & Bowie tribute, Girls Who Rock, etc.). We will monitor sound levels and maintain good communication and relations with our neighbors so that noise does not become an issue.

Concierge Desk

Our experienced concierges will be available throughout the week to greet guests and provide much needed information and tips (both helpful and 'entertaining') to make their stay in Black Rock City a great one.

The Lobby Bar

Our bar is open to all guests aged 21+. Featuring top-shelf liquor and mixers. You may get a special cocktail or you may get a drink from someone who has no idea what they’re doing. That’s the magic of The Hotel Lobby.